Representation For Individuals, Ranchers And The Energy Industry

Our state has a rich history of making the most of our natural resources. From oil and gas to mining and ranching, we have always found ways to maximize our opportunities. Our firm has decades of experience working to support the growth of those industries as well as the rights and best interests of individual property owners.

Support For Property Owners In Their Dealings With The Oil, Gas And Mining Industries

Much of the development of oil, gas and mineral resources that happens in Wyoming happens on privately held property. Property owners may be pursued by businesses that are eager to develop the natural resources present on their property. From initial dealings, such as negotiating leases and easements, to auditing payments and holding companies accountable for any damage to your property, we can help you protect your property and your best interests.

Providing The Skilled Assistance Companies Need

The realities of working with so many property owners on the development and extraction of oil, gas and minerals can be very complex. Each situation has the potential for profit and for costly challenges to arise. Our firm has been working with all sides of the oil, gas and mining industries in Wyoming for decades. We know the issues that these types of businesses are confronted with, and we have the skill, experience and local knowledge to be able to help your business make the most of your operations in Wyoming.

A Long History Of Serving Our Clients

At Lubnau Law Office, PC, our firm has been serving the legal needs of property owners and the business community in Wyoming, in one form or another, since the 1930s. We are proud of the reputation that we have built for being able to help our clients to effectively navigate the thorniest issues. Our deep roots and wealth of experience allow us to offer our clients the highly effective representation they need to make the most out of any commercial relationship.

Let us put our decades of experience representing the needs of property owners and the business community to work for you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 307-622-1345 or contact us online.