As Health Law Evolves, Our Attorneys Stay Informed

For hospitals, clinics and physicians, the reality of simply trying to do business means having to navigate a labyrinth of federal, state and local legal issues and regulations. To be able to effectively operate with so many constraints requires incredible depth of knowledge and familiarity with not only the laws and regulations, but also the agencies which are charged with ensuring compliance.

The Health Care Law Experience You Need

Attorney Tom Lubnau has been providing the skilled health care law representation that hospitals in Wyoming need since 1992. His extensive experience helps hospitals navigate the legal and regulatory complexities that they must face every day. Mr. Lubnau has developed a solid reputation over the past decades within the health care community by offering the effective guidance that in-house counsel can rely on to support their efforts and generate positive results.

Mr. Lubnau offers the benefit of his experience to hospitals and their in-house counsel on all manner of legal issues ranging from dealing with nuclear regulatory agency investigations to construction law issues and all other types of legal matters which can arise.

A Long History Of Serving Our Clients

At Lubnau Law Office, PC, our firm has, in one form or another, been providing the counsel and advocacy businesses and individuals in Wyoming need since the 1930s. By creating the effective resolutions businesses need, we are able to develop long-term relationships with our clients that allow us to jump in at a moment's notice and begin offering effective counsel that addresses your issues and works toward the solution you need.

Let attorney Tom Lubnau help your hospital effectively navigate the myriad legal and regulatory issues that stand between your business and its goals. To schedule an initial consultation, call 307-622-1345 or contact us online.