Dedicated And Experienced Representation During Divorce

Through insightful legal leadership and personal attention to client needs, Lubnau Law Office, PC, family law and divorce attorneys in Gillette have become well-known throughout Wyoming for positive outcomes achieved through mediation, negotiation and litigation in the courtroom.

Since the 1930s, our lawyers have consistently shown utmost dedication to providing effective representation for couples pursuing uncontested and contested divorces.

When spouses are "on the same page" for documentation of shared objectives in a settlement agreement, en route to an uncontested divorce, we welcome the opportunity to guide them through the legal process. When "sticking points" include dramatic differences over child access, spousal support calculations and division of marital assets, we work hard to locate common ground for constructive mediation and negotiations that end marriages on a dignified note.

For any dispute that cannot be resolved through private discussions in mediation or negotiation, we stand ready to protect your rights before judge and jury.

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