Protecting Your Financial Interests During High-End Divorce Proceedings

For those with substantial assets to protect, divorce is a potentially threatening matter. What you have worked so hard to achieve may be put at risk. Everyone has goals when he or she enters the divorce process. Making sure you are able to achieve yours can depend on the quality of legal representation you secure.

Success At Every Level Of Our Courts

Attorney DaNece Day is regarded as one of the top divorce lawyers in Wyoming. She has won victories for her clients at all levels of our courts, including the Wyoming Supreme Court. In cases such as Kummerfeld v. Kummerfeld, attorney Day was able to protect her client's ranch and business interests and successfully defend Wyoming's equitable division laws. Attorney Day is a leader in the Wyoming family law community, and many of the cases that have helped shape the current state of Wyoming family law were cases she represented.

DaNece Day offers her skilled and experienced representation on a wide range of family law issues, including:

Helping You Keep What Is Yours

Here in Wyoming, one of the central elements to a successful divorce in many people's eyes is the ability to keep a ranch in the family. Many families have worked for generations to acquire and develop property and businesses. We understand that the value of a ranch or another enterprise can go far beyond the dollar value, and we know how to help protect the assets that mean the most to you.

A Long History Of Serving Our Clients

Lubnau Law Office, PC, has, in its current incarnation or as one of its predecessor firms, served the needs of our community and Wyoming overall since the 1930s. We have a history of being able to deliver the results our clients need, no matter who we are up against. We are proud of our record of succeeding against big city law firms while maintaining long-standing relationships with our clients.

If you are facing a difficult divorce situation and are concerned about how the marital estate may be treated, we can offer you the support you need. To schedule an initial consultation, call 307-622-1345 or contact us online.