Finding Effective Custody And Visitation Solutions

Typically, the "red flag" issue in any contested divorce is child access — determinations of which divorced spouse becomes the custodial parent, availability for parenting time by the noncustodial parent, visitation rights pursued by a co-parent, and what happens to visitation routines in the event of a parental relocation.

At the Lubnau Law Office, PC, in Gillette, we have the experienced attorneys who guide clients to outcomes they can live with — results that emphasize "the best interests of the child." Our divorce and family law clients have benefited from this quality leadership since the 1930s.

Traditionally, our law firm excels at assisting clients with mediation, negotiation and litigation of child access arrangements, whether the issue in dispute is a modification or enforcement of custody responsibilities; advocacy for married or unmarried parents seeking greater roles in a child's life; or post-judgment efforts by grandparents or stepparents to gain custody when birth parents fail to live up to obligations.

Skillful Child Custody Lawyers You Can Trust With Your Wyoming Family's Future

Is your divorce being held up by disagreements over child access? Has a child become old enough to want a greater voice in visitation scheduling? Are you intrigued by the advantages of mediation in settling such a matter, or are you prepared to go to court to argue for your rights?

Lubnau Law Office, PC, can help make these and other child access goals a reality — but we need to hear your wishes during an initial consultation. We look forward to receiving your call to 307-622-1345 or your email message.