The Probate Process Creates Legal Uncertainties

Ideally, estate administration and probate proceedings represent the execution of goals expressed in previously drafted, thorough estate planning. And yet legal problems can arise, especially in the absence of a will or a will whose validity is being strenuously challenged by a family member.

For these kinds of occasions, in good times and bad, the estate administration law firm that individuals and families have come to trust in Wyoming since the 1930s is the Lubnau Law Office, PC.

Our experienced attorneys are highly proficient at working closely with executors, trustees and beneficiaries during the smooth administration of objectives mentioned in clearly spelled-out estate documents. Lubnau Law Office, PC, lawyers' expertise and efficiency can also be useful when disgruntled would-be heirs, caregivers with agendas and other impediments become controversial factors after a loved one's death.

Comprehensive Estate Administration And Probate Services

Our law firm handles every detail of every situation in expediting transfers of assets and property to those who should rightfully own them. We seek lasting resolutions to probate disputes through mediation, negotiation and litigation in court if necessary. For vigor and versatility, for legal knowledge and personal service, we see ourselves as a primary source of strength and confidence for clients at difficult times in their lives.

Are you considering pursuing trust litigation as a way to respond to misrepresentation or misappropriation of funds? Are you convinced that a deceased relative was incompetent and unable to understand the particulars of his or her will, or that he or she was subject to undue influence by an ambitious caregiver? For these and many other predicaments that can spring from estate and probate matters, we are the advisers and advocates you can trust.

Your Home For Responsive Representation With Challenging Legal Issues

To secure an initial consultation with our Gillette law offices, simply reach Lubnau Law Office, PC, by calling 307-622-1345 or staying at our website to send an email message.